first post ever!

it’s 3 am here.

i am on duty as a breastfeeding mom and thinking about my tomorrow’s day.

” put the laundry in the washing machine before 7 am so by the time abang and adik wake up the laundry is ready to be dried in the sun”

“oh wait, but abang and adik baju that they both are wearing need to be cleaned as well. so move the laundry task to 8.30 then”

“oh no, wait a minute. other than laundry i have to prepare for adik’s bath and abang’s milk time, then breakfast for me, then make the bed, bring adik and abang stuffs downstair, email, breastfeed adik….aarrhh too many things to do yet too little time”

that’s why i couldn’t live without my ‘To Do List’ list. but at this moment i couldn’t place my pen let alone a piece of paper.

so here am i, about to write my ‘To Do List’ (TDL) on the laptop but pray that no one could find it because somehow there are people who annoyed with this so called ‘organised’ people and to them a person who have a TDL is not a spontaneous and ‘go with the flow’ person like they should be.

I then talked to myself, “just blog it and do not tell anyone about the blog”

I could do that. just me and my TDL and this blog.



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