always a reason · parenting


my 3rd confinement is sux.

not because the baby or other people or the environment.

but because i am addicted to online shopping. #sigh

fyi, i just bought a wrap from LA (i am currently in Malaysia) and it cost me 4 times the actual price (due to the currency changing). crazy me.

i’ve spent over
2k in a month for online shopping. who could imagine? luckily i am a working mom so i felt less guilty to spend the money although the fact that it’s still for shopping have made me feeling nervous if anyone found out about it (especially my husband – – finger crossed)

so could i say, apparently online shopping is sux.

ps: i might do another post to show all the things that i bought. maybe.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.52.32 AM


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