to do list

TDL #1

this is the 3rd post. haven’t start any TDL yet but the blog was created mainly for me to write my TDL for my own good. duh!

so, here there are;

  1. topup loan
  • citibank & cimb abi
  • h & h
  • axia & chevvy
  • roadtax & hijayu gate
  • tabung haji for all (esp Adik)
  • SSPN  & prudential for abang + adik
  • hijayu deco (sofa set + cushion, cleaning, master bedroom, home office, aircond) 
  1. website / vlog
  • abang recorded video
  • plan to vlog everyday (every single day) for the whole year of 2016
  • abang and adik photo
  • abang and adik development / progress
  • abang and adik nursery, school, travel by car, by air, etc

basically, these two are the long term TDL for us.

(who cares? no really, who cares, right?).


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