to do list

TDL #3

this is our some kind of resolution for 2016. although, this TDL may be subject to change but we will endeavour to keep the ‘aim’  as close as possible to what appears here;

  • vumba

but the fact that i have below 1 year old kid and i wanted to fully breastfeed her and the classes will be on weekend might not be a good idea for a working mom like me, we’ll see how it goes tho.

  • mr paposdad

it’s actually our first idea before ‘vlogging’ was popped up in our mind.

  • abang’s school

should start looking. near to our office/home, easy to drop/fetch by one of us, school hour is almost the same as our office hour, reasonable price that suits our monthly budget, got something that interest him (especially in terms of languages, as he is into more than 1 language right now and obsessed with letters/alphabets not just for english but also in other language).

  • better job for abi & ibu


  • delete other social media account

all, apart from this and our personal main account.


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