to do list · weekender

TDL #4

tomorrow is sunday here in Malaysia. weekend is running-errands-day for us. although we always wish to have an official holiday in the middle of the week as most of the offices and banks are only open during weekdays, but sadly we just have weekend to sort everything out.let’s make the most of it, should we?

  • editing & uploading our very first vlog.

it’s like try and error phase for the beginner like us.

  • buy adik’s burt’s bee set.

trying a new organic brand called Buds for adik but is not up to the standard that we expected, so we back to burt’s bee like we use on abang when he was a baby. might write a review on this blog or vlog about it.

  • buy adik’s diapers.
  • sort the laundry. wash, dry them up, fold, iron, etc

i really hate doing laundry, really really.

  • trying to help cleaning up the whole house.

as we usually at our parents house during weekend, that’s why i use the words “trying to help” because i will end up throw most of their ‘thing’ that for me is should be in the bin rather keeping it, especially at my mom’s house and that might upset them, so normally what i do is trying to help them to clear here and there and where’s needed.

so there are 5 items to be done tomorrow!

ps: i like to count my TDL item as i could cross and count them down every now and then.

update: 3 out of 5 items done on weekend! hooray. (all 5 items done on tuesday the following week)


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