life changing experience · parenting

four of us

we went out yesterday. for the very first time, we went out just the four of us. Abi, Ibu, Abang & Adik. things are a bit chaotic in the beginning, but we managed to get thru the day with joy and lots of fun together.

it’s a new experience for us, parents. when one person would like to have some fun, the other person might be so tired and sleepy and couldn’t cope with that fun situation and become very grumpy at one point. or when someone is very busy reading books while others are eating and end up being so hungry when we were about to leave the restaurant. things get complicated when both needed to fix their nap time in the same time while we just have 1 stroller available. and when breastfeeding session is the longest and sloppiest session of the day ever.

despite all dramas, we were so comfortable with each other and feeling of snugging each other all day long. just four of us.




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