the beginners

i have been blogging since 2006 (on and off). although there are a lot of improvement by blog provider that i need to catch up nowadays,  somehow i still manage to post a blog quite easily.

but vlog on the other hand. never done it before. never post anything proper on youtube either. never done any editing. never knew how much time it could take to edit and upload a vlog.

so as a beginner (or beginners for both, my husband & i), we set ourself to ensure that the vlog will be uploaded on our youtube channel at 11pm everyday. we’ve been visited full hand of youtubers and most of them have been vlogging for not less than 5 years. they upload their vlog at 6pm everyday.

insyaAllah, we’ll be better as time goes by and could improve our uploading time.

but for now;

blog : at least 1 entry per day. publish on 11.30pm everyday.

vlog: we try to do daily vlogging. upload at 11pm everyday.


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