life changing experience · vlogging


it is quite a commitment to give on daily vlog. some deadlines to be chased, i believe.

but i love it when i always have something to say on this blog regarding on how we wanted to do for our little family daily vlog and how i have and will learn a lot from them.

so we’ve tried recording a few videos on our children’s activities and i came out with some categories / episodes idea for the vlog tho (of course inspired by existed youtubers around the globe) ;

  1. bedtime story
  2. how to
  3. product haul
  4. fun activities with the kids (normally during weekend or holiday)
  5. what we eat today
  6. daily vlog

there’s no pressure on when to do it and how. i’m sure it will come naturally once we’ve started. although for now we have 3 videos that in editing process and the deadline for all 3 is before 31 December 2015 and we are far from getting them done, but we’ll try our best.

wish us luck on our new journey, guys. exciting!!


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