parenting · weekender

snuggle muggle

it’s sunday here.

and we have a lot of things to be settled by next week as it’s the last week before long holiday (maulidur rasul, christmas & new year) because some of the offices will be closed for one whole week for the holiday.

but sometimes things are not according to plan. Abang slept at 3.30am last nite and it’s impossible to wake him up early before noon. on the other hand, Adik is very much well behaved last nite, tho. less cry and more sleep for her. Alhamdulillah.

due to that, we have to activate our plan B.

and the plan is… snuggle and get cosy at home, just the four of us. we could watch some movies or sing some alphabet songs together or play some words quiz or keep on changing Adik diapers all day long. pheeww.

to the cosy weekend!! (*cling)


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