the sims

our holiday went very well and both Abang & Adik enjoyed it to the bit and of course as a parent, that’s like musics to my ears.

holiday is over, means i need to go to work tomorrow and back to my boring routine as 8-5 working mom.

although as i told before we might spice our 2016 up with the family vlog. will see how it goes then.

apart from my 8-5, vlog, a full time mom and a not so domestic goddess wife, i feels like i kind of miss my uni life where all really matters during that moment were my classes, assignments, exams, favourite tv series and the sims. due to that i’m thinking of downloading the sims apps and will try to slot some times in my 24hours or maybe once a week.

(like i don’t have enough ‘human being’ to be taking care of…lol)

on a different note, ‘back to uni life routine’ sounds quite interesting for me. but this time with wife & mom title of course. hope i will find the way tho.


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