always a reason · wishful thinking

Day 6 of 366 of 2016

my first entry of the year.

feel good to be giving a chance to ‘start my life’ again.

although there was a glitch at start but things are getting better as time went by and i hope that everything will be at their very best at the end of the year. InsyaAllah.

this year i am really looking forward to;

  1. our maison en blanc
  2. “abang goes to school” journey
  3. “adik’s solly wrap” journey
  4. debt free life
  5. abi with “the adventure of mr paposdad”
  6. ibu with “back to school mission”
  7. and our ‘Everything Afzan’ vlog & blog

may 2016 be filled with more joyous and happiness and healthy and prosperous and even there are any difficulties, we could face it together.

May this new year brings all the crazy colors and fun in our life.




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