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a month after

I’ve been so busy (with the boring daily routines) besides our housewarming cum adik’s aqiqah and my uwan’s funeral.

today I’m planning to write something on my blog as soon as i finish read “how to become a writer” by Joe Bunting. so here i am in the middle of office hour in the ‘winter’ office on my office desk about to post something on my blog by using my office pc ( pop quiz: where is my office located?  *okay so not funny).

Joe Bunting says, everything that we write should be  publish, therefore we could get some feedback on our writing. furthermore, we have to have deadlines to push us to write something and be acquainted with the boredom or comfortable on what we wanted to write and most importantly, just write!

a few days ago, i read all 18 entries that I’ve posted on this blog and found some grammatically error not to forget the typos and whatnot. but since wise people say “avoid all errors or mistakes and keep on writing”, i will ignore them and improve my grammar and spelling on my future entry. frankly speaking, I am not good in editing.

On the other hand, 10 days ago, I have made one decision that could change my future *slash world *slash life. I’m scared on what the future may bring, but what done is done and I have to do my very best to face everything in front. -_-

Dear future, please be kind to me.

Pray for me guys!




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