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stay at home mother?

i’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom since my son was born 3 and half years ago. but when i got the chance, i failed.

yes, you read it right. i failed at being a stay at home mother. i don’t know what to do. i don’t have any proper schedule (i know, i know, not everything need a schedule, but i just couldn’t live without it, opss). my day to day life is getting dull/boring and i wonder if my children felt the same too. my house is so messy. my husband do everything for him on his own (and even help me with the chores and kids). i even didn’t cook as currently we are staying at my mom’s (for temporary depends on my daughter health condition). that’s how terrible i am nowadays.

but today, i googled about SAHM and read and learn on how other mothers do or been doing to be a successful SAHM and make their family happy and saving their husband more money (other than nursery for kids and homemade meals). i have found a blog or two (or more) and some pinterest idea on SAHM schedule and will try to apply as close as i could on my daily basis starting from tomorrow. i might share my schedule (plan vs reality) a month from now.

i salute all moms out there. be it stay at home mom, work from home mom, career mom, mom with helper, mom without helper, you name it. please keep on doing what you do now cause when you make your family happy (even still trying, like me), you’ll make the whole world happy.

Simplify Your Life: Stay at Home Mom Schedule

wish me luck guys!

Ps: i think ‘homemaker’ sounds better than ‘stay-at-home-mom’  ;p




2 thoughts on “stay at home mother?

  1. Don’t worry~! We’ve all been there. When you have little ones the house is going to be messy and you won’t find a lot of extra time to get more than taking care of them done. It gets easier as they get older and can actually help a little themselves. At this stage, if you can focus on getting the laundry done, meals on the table and a little cleaning, you are doing all that can be expected. You have not failed!


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