1.12 am, 3 May 2016.

I have 2 very different and unrelated (maybe related in some other view) projects that will begin their own journey today.

Actually we chose 1 May as it is the first day of the new month after we’ve got those idea. but it turned out that this long weekend are meant to be for our family of four. not kidding guys, 72hours was not enough for four of us to do everything we could together. Abang with his ‘creating words’ and ‘trying to speak in full sentence’ things while Adik with her ‘roll over’ and ‘i’m trying to say something here guys please listen’ stuffs and both need Ibu and Abi to be involved in everything they’re doing. it was tiring but at the end of the day when both sound asleep, we’re smiling while can’t take our eyes off of them (except for Abi, he joined them as soon as i wanted to start a conversation / pillow talk).

Thank Allah for this and for everything. Alhamdulillah I have a chance to be with them and not to think of any other thing beside them alone.

so, back to my 2 projects;

1/ it’s a 365-day project (hopefully we will not miss even one day) — see you guys on 4 or 5 May 2017, inshaallah.

2/ as long as Allah’s will (sounds serious but i need to do this to find my inner strength and any hidden talent) — pray that Allah will guide me thru this. ameen.

and thanks to http://productivemuslim.com/ in general. they have no idea how much they help me all this while.

bismillah. wish me luck guys.


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