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23 May 2016

I felt like i have been betrayed by everyone in aviation industry. they showed their interest in me and they even have spread the news that they wanted to offer me the job but until now there is no official letter or even an email regarding the offer yet.

it has been 80 days since my daughter being diagnosed as Dilated Cardiomyopathy s/o Viral Myocarditis and 109 days since i submitted my resignation letter. i did not seat still since, went to five interviews and two of them were when my daughter was still in the ICU. i felt sad when some of the words that came from people mouth regarding my decision to not to work like i don’t want to do anything about it (or may i say most of their words). and during that time i told myself that i have done everything that i could and i just can wait for the answer, be it from the people i asked the job for or from the Almighty.

until recently, there are few articles and post with this one hashtag that went viral on the internet especially facebook called #sebabtakkenakatanakdia (because it didn’t happened to their children) has woke me up and from that moment i know i have to work harder, find better solution, do more research, read a lot of books, listen to handful of motivator or for me i have my own favourite people that inspired me much which are from the marketing expert, Prof Darren Dahl to be exact and also from advertising industry, Sir John Hegarty to be precise.

right now i realised that i have never share my crazy idea (into details) to anybody including my parents apart from my boyfriend then slash husband now and forever be my bestest friend now and then. i feel like he understand my craziness and always believe in me and he is my biggest supporter. thanks Abi  ;p

so here i am today, trying to do (or at least plan to do) another crazy thing (pardon me, i’ve done bunch of crazy stuffs which include me study in the UK, went to Japan, went to Hafiz & friend showcase, made my White dream kitchen came true and lot more. i might share the details in other post in the future tho). but for now, i would not spill the beans yet but what i could share now is my to do list (cliche, i know) for this crazy idea.

  1. find a blank page journal book (A5 size — i know i have told about this before but till now i couldn’t find it yet)
  2. go to Putrajaya
  3. go to KL
  4. meet aunty (belakang Fresco)
  5. calculate all the ‘damage’ (loan from mak, if necessary)
  6. print out the research thingy
  7. call the karnival person
  8. meet up some ‘new friends’ (actually more to look for some new friends, huhu)

if Allah will, make everything happen and inshaAllah i have 39 days starting from tomorrow. inshaAllah. inshaAllah. i really want to make this thing happen. inshaAllah.

pray for me guys!



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