my grumbling session · to do list


i wanted to post an entry tonite. but the internet connection is sux over here. the link and picture i wanted to insert on my post continuously loading-to-be-uploaded-but-never-did. this is one of the problem that blogger-outside-big-city have to face  (and i’m not that far, just 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur to be precised). and this time around i wish that i am in the UK as i’ve used to blog from there and it took like a second to be uploaded and made me excited to blog even more. anywho, here i am at 3 am moaning about my internet connection which has cut-off my interest to blog again.

well before i forget, i just want to make some list that i should make an entry for each in the nearest future (possibility before raya);

  1. adik’s updates
  2. vlog/ 365 project
  3. prof darren dahl
  4. shawl/cardigan
  5. nova saujana

ps: but first of all, i need to buy a blank page book, like the sketch book one but in A5 size or smaller. pronto!


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