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as for today

“The hearts pray for what they desire, but Allāh responds with what is better for them.”

i’ve met hundreds of thousands of people in my 31 years of life and i believe every and each one Allah planned me to be met comes with strong reason that either i’ll love them or learn something from them.

but since 5 March 2016 (the day Adik had been admitted), i have rarely see anybody apart from my lil family, parents, in laws and my siblings. i read somewhere on the internet that in order to make my experience and knowledge ‘still relevant’ even i’m not working in any specific industry (in my case, i guess it’s aviation?), i have to keep myself updated with what’s become viral regarding those industry and always, always stay keep in touch with someone from the industry itself. though i’ve been in aviation industry quite some times for now (more than 10 years if i may include my years of studies), i have the feeling that my heart belongs to somewhere between business, writing and anything about home.

internet is my only most trusted sources (for now) from ‘outside world’, so i’ve been on the net 24/7 and of course searching, looking and watching things that i am interested with and love doing it. Allah has arranged me to ‘meet’ a lot of amazing people on the net, especially on youtube. MashaAllah, there are a lot of positive people in this world, man. thank you Allah. little does they know that they have inspired me in so many ways. i even been hooked up on this channel/program name TED on youtube and keep asking my why i never knew about them before. i’ve lost count on how many people i adore just by watching them on youtube (especially on TED channel). and as for today, this is my way of keep updated and stay in touch with the industry i guess.

if i may shortlisted a few of them, there are;

and a lot more. but i kind of stalk these 6 people every second and some of them are on my playlist which i play on repeat almost everyday. and i believe, Allah knows what is the best for me and when it’s best for me to have it or in this case, to finally ‘meet’ them all. there’s this quote saying that ” every bad situation will have something positive, even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.”






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